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This game contains references to sensitive topics like cancer and death due to incurable deceases. Vomit and other ailments related to chemotherapy are mentioned. If these topics cause you a negative reaction, play with caution.

Additionally, do note that the game lacks a save function. Preferably, try saving an hour to play it all the way through.

The game is only available on Windows.

If downloaded from a browser, a program to unzip the file will be needed.


mil rosas is an adventure game, autofictional, about someone playing a game in their console during chemo session.

It is free, with the option of leaving a tip.

It was originally in Spanish, and it features an English translation.


  • WASD/Arrow keys: Movement (console)
  • E/Spacebar: Interact, advance dialogue
  • Esc: Main menu
  • Backspace: Map (console)
  • Mouse: Look around
  • Right click: Zoom


Direction, script, code:H.M. HuízarWebsite
Art:Pamela Torres Martínez (cosmicphamtom)Instagram
Pixel art:PyrestFacebook
Music:Rosalba Vázquez GarcíaBehance
UI and graphic design:Estefanía MorenoBehance

Other credits:

SFX: Made in Chiptone. Downloaded from freesound.

Assets: Dialogue system: Yarn Spinner. Modular Sofa, by Vertex Studio. Hospital Medical Office Modular, by Brick Project Studio.

Fonts: EsperessoDolce and Perfect DOS VGA 437.

Shoutouts to the Gaming Club for their summer camp where I learned to code. To GameDevTV for their excellent course. And to the numerous tutorials (Brackeys and Blackthornprod) for so much accessible knowledge.


A session ranges between 20 to 30 minutes.

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